Established in 2008 we started with a small truck and a bobcat. We put in the hours others didn't, we took the jobs others didn't want, and with long hours and dedication we have risen to the top of our game. Looked upon now as area specialists, we are continually asked to provide our services to major construction and industrial leaders in Newcastle and throughout NSW. From the small truck and bobcat beginning we still apply our dedication consistently going unchallenged on price or job knowledge from our competitors.

Where it began...

Our Vision.


From our small and humble start we have come a long way...


We have changed clients ideas on what's common practice within our field. Hunter Valley Group strives to become a business that takes its service to the next level. We have hand picked all our staff, and they love what they do.

We see ourselves as market leaders and trend setters in our craft. With new heights in our business comes new challenges for us.


Our VISION, is to provide you with the best outcome you can achieve.

Company Profile.

Hunter Valley Group was founded in 2008 by our director. Since a strong surge into the industrial sector we have gone from leaps to bounds, now assuring ourselves as clear market leaders we strive to lift the bar even more.


We entered the demolition and construction arena with a solid business back ground and we have a wide array of skilled and trade qualified staff.


We love a challenge and only see a clear horizon for HVG in our future

Hunter Valley Group PTY LTD also owns the following companies:

Hunter Valley Trees  

Hunter Valley Concrete Removal 

Hunter Valley Asbestos Removal

Hunter Valley Demolition 

Hunter Valley Property Maintenance

Hunter Valley Civil Works

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